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Court Qualified Security Experts.

Kolins Security Group is a comprehensive team of nationally-recognized, court-certified security experts. Our vast wealth of practical, hands on experience, depth of knowledge and refined skill sets, extensive education and specialized training have supported numerous clients in achieving favorable results.


Alcohol Service Standards
Sporting Event Security
Logistics Security
Entertainment Venue Security
Catering and Event Security
Hospitality Security
Casino/Gaming Security
Private Clubs
Adult Entertainment Businesses
Liquor Stores
Liquor Liability Expert
Private Events and Parties
Special Event Security
Standards of Care (Alcohol)
Alcohol Use Reduction
Avoiding Liquor Code Violations
Server / Seller Training
Identifying Intoxication
Responsible Patron Management
Security Consultant


Airport Security Planning
Airport Security Analysis
Airport Security Assessment
Airport Security Training
Physical Facility Security Design
CPTED Practitioner
Master Security Plan Development
Commercial Security
Hotel / Motel Security
Mall Security
Retail Security
Retail Loss
Resort Security
Premises Liability
Parking Lots / Garages
Security Audit
Security Liability
Physical Site Security Consulting
Site Security Assessment
Security Surveys
Vulnerability Assessments
Physical Site Penetration Testing
Cultural Property Security
Negligent Security
Inadequate Security
Workplace Security
Workplace Violence Training


Negligent Hiring
Negligent Retention
Crime Foreseeability
Crime Prevention
Crime Risk Analysis
Crowd Control
Crowd Management
Crime Mapping
Risk Assessment
Safety & Security
Security Consulting
Security Negligence
Security Practices & Procedures
Active Shooter Training
Active Shooter Response
Security Training
Threat Assessments
Use of Force
Verbal Judo
Identifying Theft
Identifying Fraud
Identifying Criminal Conduct
Identifying Civil Misconduct
Security Expert
Suicide Bombing Prevention & Response
Terrorist Bombing Incident Response
WMD Radiological/
Nuclear Awareness Expertise
Emergency Management Planning
Emergency Management Implementation
Master Security Plan Development


Computer Security
Hospital Security
Healthcare Security
Computer Forensics
Mobile Forensics
Data Recovery
Smartphone Security
Tablet Security
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
Security Cameras
Covert Camera Systems
Crime Scene Photography
Surveillance Detection
Surveillance Photography


Police / Security Liability
Police Ethics
Police Failure to Protect
Police Misconduct Investigations
Police Practices & Procedures
Police Pursuits
Police Weapons
Police Training
Narcotics Investigations
Undercover Operations
Organized Criminal Groups
Investigative Techniques
De-escalation Techniques
Force Security Operations
Interrogation Techniques
Witness Interviewing
Crime Scene Security
Evidence Collection Techniques
Evidence Protection & Security
TSA National Explosives Detection
TSA Safety & Security Procedures
US Customs Safety & Security Procedures
OSHA Safety & Security Procedures

College & University Security Planning
College & University Security Analysis
School Safety
School Security
School Security Assessment
School Security Training
Governing Policies and Procedures
Security Best Practices
Underage Drinking Prevention
Alcohol Awareness
Campus Security

National Court Certified Security Expert & Consultant

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