4 Reasons to Choose Kolins Security Group for Security Consultation

“You’re the real deal.”

That’s a phrase Russell Kolins has heard quite often during his 48 years as a security consultant and litigation expert—from colleagues, other experts, even opposing counsel. But what does it mean to be the “real deal”?

“When people say I’m the ‘real deal,’ it’s because they know that I have high-level, practical experience in complicated security environments. They know they can always trust me to be thorough and professional,” Kolins said.

Authentic, Real-World Knowledge
In keeping with his reputation for honesty and credibility, Russell Kolins has assembled a team of experienced security experts who, like himself, have firsthand knowledge of their individual security domains.

“My team at Kolins Security Group has real, boots-on-the-ground experience,” he said. “And while these individuals are highly trained, their understanding goes beyond the academic—they have authentic, real-world knowledge of complicated security situations.”

Breadth and Depth of Experience
With this talented team in place, Kolins Security Group can offer clients a variety of security services, including risk and threat assessments and consultations, as well as litigation support in a variety of disciplines.

For example, Kolins himself is not only an expert on Dram Shop law, but has years of experience in liquor and bar security. Because Kolins and his team have both depth and breadth of experience, they perform these services with professionalism, expertise and candor.

Rock-solid Reputation
Kolins Security Group can provide litigation support in a wide range of fields, including alcohol and liquor liability, premises security, crime security, technology, police and law enforcement, healthcare and schools. And because of their rock-solid reputations, clients can be sure that members of the Kolins Security Group team can withstand scrutiny in any situation.

Up-to-date on Emerging Threats
Kolins also understands that the security sector is ever changing—new and complex situations arise that would have been unheard of only a few years ago. That’s why his team receives up to the minute, in-depth training in emerging threats and security best practices. In addition, they’re educators themselves, providing training to private companies and serving as subject matter speakers on a variety of topics. Many have also published articles in respected trade journals.

By combining his own stellar experience and reputation with the wide ranging, top-level expertise of a seasoned team of experts, Russell Kolins has assembled a group that achieves results for their clients, whether in the board room or the courtroom. That’s what it means to be “the real deal.”

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