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Hospitality security is a complex and ever-changing world full of moving parts. That’s why the most respected names in the hospitality industry trust Darrell Clifton, Certified Protection Professional (CPP), to navigate the complexity and help them ensure that their establishments are protected. Clifton is the newest member of the Kolins Security’s talented team of experts.

Clifton began his security career on the casino floor, as an officer at Circus Circus in Reno, Nevada. “I cross-trained in all of the other departments like operations, accounting, and marketing,” he said. This allowed him to understand the important role security can play in the profitability of a hospitality business. Now, Clifton specializes in setting up training programs, policy writing, and identifying efficiencies related to security.

According to Clifton, companies pushing for efficiency have led to a trend of doing more with less in the security department. “As technology increases, manpower decreases,” he said. “Companies are making due with smaller security forces.” But that’s not necessarily a bad thing: “More tech can free up bodies to do other jobs, such as serving customers and creating a positive experience for guests.

Clifton has been awarded multiple security certifications and designations. And he’s chosen to take that knowledge and share it with others as an instructor at the University of Nevada, Reno. “I really enjoy sharing information,” he said. “I always learn a lot when I’m teaching.”

As a result of his experience conducting seminars and teaching classes, Clifton realized that the hospitality industry was lacking a definitive guide for running a functional security department—so he decided to write one. According to Clifton, his book, Hospitality Security: Managing Security in Today’s Hotel, Lodging, Entertainment and Tourism Environment, is appropriate for anyone in the hospitality industry. “It’s useful for understanding general security matters,” he said, “for everyone from the head of security to a middle-sized hotel manager.”


Hospitality SecurityHospitality Security: Managing Security in Today’s Hotel, Lodging, Entertainment, and Tourism Environment
Darrell Clifton, Author. Published 2012.
This book is a primer for security professionals of all disciplines and provides experience-based, proven methods for preventing and resolving the challenges faced by today’s hospitality practitioner.



Personal SecurityPersonal Security: A Guide for International Travelers
Darrell Clifton, Contributing Author. Spencer, T. Published 2017.
This comprehensive manual emphasizes prevention enabling the reader to benefit from lessons learned from leading experts and seasoned travelers to prevent security incidents and react in life-saving ways during a crisis.


Since 2007, Darrell Clifton has authored various articles published in these magazines: Security Management Magazine, Casino Journal, Global Gaming Business Magazine, Campus Safety Magazine, Security Magazine, and Security InfoWatch Magazine
Darrell Clifton was selected and featured as one of Security Magazine’s “Most Influential People in Security – 2011”. Ritchey, D. Published August 2011.
Here’s what Security Magazine has to say about Darrell Clifton:
Darrell Clifton is the epitome of a dynamic, proactive and highly motivated, results oriented leader within the security field today. As Director of Security for the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada, he has helped to change the landscape within the northern Nevada gaming and business industry. He was largely responsible for bringing various gaming, hotel and other private business leaders together and assisting them in re-thinking their business models and approaches in a severely depressed economy. His vision is that each property, though working to protect its own assets, masters certain skills or obtains certain knowledge and combines forces to create a larger, more innovative and effective regional security team.
In 2010, Darrell partnered with the County Emergency manager and another local security director to perform a public/private partnership to study, plan and train on business continuity and crisis management. The membership meets quarterly to prepare for disasters and recovery.
Clifton believes that security is regional rather than property specific and promotes teamwork among the property owners and agencies. He finds ways to improve the security across the industry and the region, rather than just his property. He collaborates with other properties on crime prevention, training programs and security awareness.














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Practice Areas

  • Security Management
  • Crowd Control
  • Hospitality Security
  • Risk Management
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental
  • Design (CPTED)
  • Premises Liability
  • Nightclub and Bar Security
  • Hotel, Motel, and Resort Security
  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Liquor Liability
  • Bar Operations
  • Alcohol Service Standards
  • Restaurant Security
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  • Standards of Care (Alcohol)
  • Alcohol Use Reduction
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  • Server / Seller Training
  • Intoxication Identification
  • Responsible Patron Management
  • Identification Verification and Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Active Shooter Policy/Procedures
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Report Writing Training
  • Corporate Investigations Training
  • Workplace Violence Training and Response
  • Violence Assessments and Response