Experience Matters: Expert Witness Can Make or Break Your Case

Kolins Security Group experts have been in many depositions of opposing experts. They have read hundreds of transcript pages of opposing experts. It is especially unsettling to observe someone claiming to be an expert offer unqualified opinions, while avoiding the details and ultimately falling apart when attempting to answer specific questions about key issues in a case.

As one of the most frequently retained and highly experienced security expert witness, Russell Kolins has personally watched and heard experts hired by the opposition lie and concoct answers during depositions attempting to strengthen their incorrect or inadequate opinions. Russell continues to read transcripts where the oppositions’ expert opinions were based upon single remote experiences or no personal experience at all.

Many so-called experts are completely unqualified. They offer opinions for money, customized to suit the needs of their client, and often have no basis in fact or supporting information to prove their claim.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of an expert is one with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject. Thus, to be an expert, someone must have long term experience in the field from which they derive their expert opinions. They must have mastery in their field. Unfortunately, many so-called experts are unworthy opponents, and do not possess the level of expertise required to act as an expert. Hiring a true expert means that you will be associated with a person that can help you develop your case. The experts at Kolins Security Group will help you get positive results whether you represent the plaintiff or defendant.

When you retain Kolins Security Group experts for your case, you will be among the hundreds of successful attorneys that have prevailed because of our professional expertise and unsurpassed abilities. Whether you are representing the plaintiff or defendant, a real expert will provide you with unbiased supportable information pertaining to your case. An expert with integrity will tell you the truth about all aspects of your case, and will not customize his expressed opinions to fit questionable aspects of a case.

Work with experienced experts that will make your case. Kolins Security Group experts will help you find the truth and provide their undivided attention to all your case needs in a timely manner. The integrity of our expert opinions make Kolins Security Group the number one choice nationwide for both plaintiff and defense attorneys in all matters involving security. Find the truth and achieve favorable legal results.