Gary Neill

Security Expert
Gary Neill began his career in law enforcement immediately after graduating from college with a degree in Criminal Justice. His 27 years with the Philadelphia Police Department spanned several areas of responsibility for which he earned regular promotions and commendations. Neill’s law enforcement training, education and experience qualified him for an assignment to manage the police security force to protect and secure the Philadelphia International Airport. His expert management skills earned Neill a promotion to Lieutenant which elevated his responsibility to work with the TSA and other government organizations to ensure the safety and security of the airport. This included an assignment to the Joint Terrorism Task Force, along with representatives from the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. After honorably retiring from the Philadelphia Police Department, Neill served as Senior Director of Security and Services for the Wells Fargo Center, where he oversaw all aspects of security and safety for the venue, including conducting threat assessments and implementing emergency management plans. Neill was responsible for security management of NBA, NHL practices, games and concerts, most of which were attended by sold out crowds. These events, of course, included the massive parking lots’ security. In addition, he was active with the National Center for Spectator Sports, Safety & Security (NCS4).  His largest project was 2016’s Democratic National Convention, which, thanks to Neill’s foresight and preparation, was a security success. Neill has recently returned to the Philadelphia Airport, where he is a Security Program Specialist for a major global logistics company. Here, he is again responsible for risk and threat assessments, as well training all employees in the highest safety and security standards. In addition, he oversees the implementation of business continuity plans and management. Neill’s experience in threat and risk assessment—from his days as a patrol officer on the streets to his high-level experience protecting patrons and businesses from potential threats and disruption—makes him an invaluable asset to Kolins Security’s team of experienced security consultants. Russell Kolins, CEO and Founder of Kolins Security Group is honored to welcome Gary Neill as its newest member.

1528 Walnut St #600
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Phone: (215) 735-2131
Fax: (215) 735-1706

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Practice Areas

  • Airport Security Planning
  • Airport Security Analysis
  • Airport Security Assessment
  • Airport Security Training
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Surveillance Detection
  • TSA National Explosives Detection
  • TSA Safety & Security Procedures
  • US Customs Safety & Security Procedures
  • OSHA Safety & Security Procedures
  • Physical Security
  • Terrorism/Counterterrorism
  • Sporting Event Security and Safety
  • Parking Lot / Garage Security
  • Risk/Threat Assessments
  • Crowd Control
  • Crowd Management
  • Logistics Security
  • Event Security
  • Entertainment Venue Security
  • Special Event Security
  • Physical Facility Security
  • Safety & Security Training
  • Suicide Bombing Prevention and Response
  • Terrorist Bombing Incident Response
  • WMD Radiological/Nuclear Awareness Expertise
  • Emergency Management Planning
  • Emergency Management Implementation
  • Security Management
  • Business Continuity Plan Implementation
  • Business Continuity Plan Management
  • Master Security Plan Development
  • Security Practices & Procedures
  • Security Training
  • Use of Force
  • Police Practices & Procedures
  • Police Misconduct Investigations
  • Force Security Operations
  • Counterintelligence
  • Physical Site Penetration Testing
  • Crime Prevention
  • Crime Risk Analysis
  • Investigative Techniques
  • De-escalation Techniques
  • Witness Interviewing
  • Interrogation Techniques
  • Evidence Collection Techniques
  • Crime Scene Security
  • Narcotics Investigations