What are your challenges? What’s preventing you from being safe, secure, and compliant? The first step in identifying your security protection needs is contacting Kolins Security Group. Our customized approach combines best practices, leverages years of strategic security engagements in both the public and private sectors, and maximizes your budget and time parameters. Kolins Security Group will partner with you to provide professional, reliable and strategic security consultation services to address your specific security challenges. To learn more, please call 215-735-2131 or email [email protected].


Physical Security Consulting

Kolins Security Group has conducted thousands of commercial property risk assessments. Our experts identify vulnerabilities using industry best practice guidelines to provide a complete assessment of your property, business model and other relevant factors. Our team of experts will make recommendations regarding risk mitigation based on our security risk analysis.

Our risk assessments and recommendations for countermeasures assist property owners in prioritizing so they can address the most important and urgent security risks first. Our experts are impartial as we are not affiliated with companies selling security products and do not limit ourselves to specific brands and product types that we recommend.


Security Assessments | Audits | Surveys

Our experienced consultants are licensed professionals. After a complete audit of security measures, we will provide advice based on physical security best practices and legal standards of care for your business, the surrounding area threat level, and the protocols and physical security measures that are in place at the time of assessment.


Compliance Reviews

Nightclubs, casinos, hotels, bars, cruise ships and others are heavily regulated businesses due to their potential to harm the public. Kolins Security Group experts have significant experience working within these regulated industries and will deliver solid steps for our clients to follow in order to become or remain compliant. We have trained numerous night club and bar owners to identify threatening behavior as well as intoxication. Our experts routinely assist hotels and resorts in developing key procedures to keep guests safe. We’ve trained hotel and motel staff to identify suspicious persons and behavior. We help bar and nightclub owners establish security personnel protocols and train security staff in de-escalation techniques.


Commercial Premises Liability

Kolins Security Group has the focused knowledge and years of practical experience to identify risks, recommend measures to mitigate those risks, conduct objective and impartial audits, and render commercial property liability testimony in court and administrative hearings.


Risk Assessments, Threat Assessments, & Security Evaluations

The experts at Kolins Security Group take a systematic approach to the process of evaluating the potential risks or hazards that may be involved in the workplace environment, a well-defined situation, or a recognized or potential threat. We use our specialized knowledge and skill combined with the most up-to-date industry best practices to guide our risk and threat assessments. We help you make smarter business decisions about your specific security and risk management situation to help you reduce the cost and complexity of security. Our dedicated team of experts are committed to understanding and meeting your dynamic business requirements.


Workplace Violence, Active Shooter & Situational Awareness Training

More than 570,000 Americans are impacted by workplace violence every year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are behavior indicators often exhibited in the workplace that have been linked to workplace violence situations. Kolins Security Group offers training for managing active shooter incidents, workplace violence identification and prevention, situational awareness, verbal de-escalation and diffusion techniques, and personal safety skills.


Responsible Alcohol Management Training

Kolins Security Group is uniquely qualified to provide responsible alcohol management training as well as nightclub/bar operations training. The training provides the skills necessary to handle alcohol related problems, laws regarding alcohol service, how to recognize fake IDs to prevent the sale of alcohol to minors and techniques for providing a safe environment for your customers.


Nightclub / Bar Operations Training

Education is one of the keys to success in the unforgiving bar, tavern and nightclub business. Russell Kolins was the owner/operator of a nightclub in New Jersey for over 10 years. His personal hands-on experience in nightclub and bar operations provides the knowledge and techniques you need to run a successful and safe bar. Topics include but are not limited to security, intoxication, sexual assaults, employees, age verification, promoters, establishing policies and security plans and police-community relations. Russell Kolins is a multi-state, court qualified expert in liquor liability, bar security and premises security liability. He is also a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator and has investigated well over 1,000 cases involving liquor liability and security issues.


All Legal and Corporate Services


Alcohol Service Standards
Catering and Event Security
Casino/Gaming Security
Private Clubs
Adult Entertainment Businesses
Liquor Stores
Liquor Liability
Private Events and Parties
Special Event Security
Standards of Care (Alcohol)
Alcohol Use Reduction
Avoiding Liquor Code Violations
Server / Seller Training
Identifying Intoxication
Responsible Patron Management


Facility Physical Security Design
CPTED Practitioner
Commercial Security

Hotel / Motel Security
Mall Security
Retail Security
Retail Loss
Resort Security
Premises Liability
Parking Lots / Garages
Security Liability
Physical Site Security Consulting
Site Security Assessment
Security Surveys
Vulnerability Assessments
Physical Site Penetration Testing
Cultural Property Security
Negligent Security
Inadequate Security
Workplace Security


Negligent Hiring
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Crime Foreseeability
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Crowd Control
Crime Mapping
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Safety & Security
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Verbal Judo
Identifying Theft
Identifying Fraud
Identifying Criminal Conduct
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Computer Security
Healthcare Security
Computer Forensics
Mobile Forensics
Data Recovery
Smartphone Security
Tablet Security
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
Security Camera
Covert Camera Systems
Crime Scene Photography
Surveillance Photography


Police / Security Liability
Police Ethics
Police Failure to Protect
Police Misconduct Investigations
Police Practices & Procedures
Police Pursuits
Police Weapons
Police Training
Narcotics Investigations
Undercover Operations
Organized Criminal Groups
Investigative Techniques
De-escalation Techniques
Force Security Operations
Suspect Interrogation
Witness Interviewing
Crime Scene Security
Evidence Protection & Security


College & University Security Planning
College & University Security Analysis
School Safety
School Security
School Security Assessment
School Security Training
Governing Policies and Procedures
Security Best Practices
Underage Drinking Prevention
Alcohol Awareness
Campus Security

Consultation & Testimony: Consult with an Expert

We are available to discuss the specific requirements of your case 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 215-735-2131. We will match the prerequisites of your case with one of our court qualified experts. We have supported numerous clients in achieving favorable results. Contact the experts at 215-735-2131 or [email protected] to find the right qualified expert for your team today.