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With more than 30 years in law enforcement, first at Scotland Yard and then in the private security sector, Stephen Hollowell developed and implemented innovative security and safety programs and crisis management plans for Fortune 500 companies, prestigious educational establishments, healthcare facilities, cultural institutions and quasi-government organizations as well as critical infrastructures, both within the United States and Europe. Stephen created mitigation strategies, multi-layered risk assessments, and operational policies and procedures. He designed physical security measures, and created protocols that effectively and practically responded to contemporary security challenges and enforced best practices. The security expertise that Stephen provided for corporations and organizations has included in-depth threat analyses, vulnerability assessments, superior customized training programs, and emergency preparedness and business continuity plans.



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In the aftermath of the 9/11 attack on its World Trade Center property, the Port Authority of NY & NJ contracted with a third party to conduct comprehensive security audits of all of its other major facilities – airports, bridges, tunnels, etc. Steve was a senior member of the team and provided expert advice in the examination and improvement of our security policies and procedures. In that time, I found him to be a highly capable and dedicated security consultant and executive.
—    John Paczkowski, PMP, Senior Vice President, Homeland Security and National Resilience,
ICF International


I have known Stephen Hollowell, CPP for five years. He is extremely motivated and committed to excellence in his work ethic. Having worked with him in the past, I have always found him to be one of the most dedicated and hard-working security consultants. The passion for what he does and exceptional relationships with his co-workers makes him an outstanding security professional. Stephen has quite an extraordinary profile in security. He was a Detective Sergeant in Scotland Yard. He has held Directorships in prestigious organizations such a Kroll Associates, and Senior Positions in Higher Education and Cultural Institutions. I have worked with him on many complex projects, including EP and Risk Assessments. He is a CPP certified by ASIS, and I would recommend him unreservedly.
—    Deyanira Juliet Murga, PPS, CPOI, Executive Director, Cerberus Consulting,
International Manager for EPI Executive Protection Institute NY, Chair For ASIS CPLP


Stephen and I co-managed a large Operations department at an important Performing Arts Center. He was an effective leader for the security staff. We had many interesting large-scale events, on-site and off-site. Stephen was in his element when planning and managing events as they happened. Last, I’ll mention that he is a relentless investigator and interviewer when it came to figuring out security incidents. Many times, he got to the bottom of situations that seemed to have no tangible evidence to work with. I have great respect for his abilities. He and I have remained in touch for 20 years. I highly recommend Stephen.
—    Jack Dobson, Facilities Management


Stephen was the top Sergeant on my team when we worked together in Met in the days of terrorism and London riots. Dedicated and articulate, never gave up, always professional. Love to work with him again. London’s loss is USA’s gain.
—    John West, Currently Up-Training in Cyber Security at Excubitor


Steve was the team leader on many of our most complicated and sensitive security assessments and inspired his team members to produce valuable recommendations to better secure the major transportation infrastructure and signature high-rises in the NYC Metropolitan area. He has been my right arm, my confidant and my friend.
—    Jim Francis, President & Chief Consultant at LFJ Consulting Services, LLC



Handbook for Rapid Visual Screening of Buildings to Evaluate Terrorism Risks
Stephen Hollowell, Co-Author. Published March 2009.
This was a FEMA-Risk Management Series. The rapid visual screening procedure has been developed for use in assessing risk of terrorist attack on standard commercial buildings in urban or semi-urban areas, but it is also intended to be applicable nationwide for all conventional building types. It can be used to identify the level of risk for a single building, or the relative risk among buildings in a portfolio, community, or region as a prioritization tool for further risk management activities. The information gathered as part of this screening procedure can also be used to support and facilitate higher level assessments by expert investigators performing building-specific evaluations of threat, consequences, and vulnerability.
Stephen Hollowell Interview. Trip to the Museum.
Access Control & Security Systems Integration Magazine, Carey, C. Published March 1998.
Stephen was interviewed for Access Control & Security Systems Integration Magazine concerned the new security measures that were put in place at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, NY during its famous “Diamond Exhibit” while Stephen was the Director of Security and Safety.

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